Thank you for inquiring about the FLISP Lufhereng subsidy homes.


Please note that the homes in Lufhereng start from R414,000 (all costs included) and to qualify, your income single or jointly must be between R13,500 and a maximum of R22,000 per month before deductions. 


You need to however be: 

  1. A first time home buyer

  2. Never benefited from FLISP or any housing subsidy programme before

  3. If you are married in community of property, you have to by law apply jointly with your spouse and once again the joint income must not be more than R22,000

  4. You need to have a clean credit record before we can submit your application to the banks. Whereafter we will assist you to apply for FLISP funding 


If you do meet our qualifying criteria, please visit us on site in Lufhereng Soweto at our sales office located on Impala Road and view our show village